Out to Launch!

This weekend we are officially launching OpenLabyrinth v3 at the Canadian Conference on Medical Education in Quebec City.

Our main case site is at http://vp.openlabyrinth.ca

For those of you who have been following along with the progress on OpenLabyrinth v3, you will have seen that we have a number of servers already running OLab3 code and cases.

OLab3 is an ongoing open-source project, still under lively development. This is a signficant milestone for us this weekend, but you will see continuing changes to this platform over the coming months as we build in more capacity and useful features.

For a peek at the latest examples of what can be done with beta code, check out http://demo.openlabyrinth.ca

Now is a good time to give us feedback or to put ideas into our heads for wish-list features. Of course, we cannot accommodate all of these but nevertheless, all ideas are welcome, big and small.