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So, you want to try your hand at authoring virtual scenarios or virtual patients?

Programming expertise is not required. Just good ideas… and a clear senseĀ of what you are trying to convey to your learners. We have a number of short YouTube videos with tips for new authors.

If you would like a free trial account on one of our demo servers, complete the form below.

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You should receive an email with your account details within a day or two.

For help in writing your first case, check out these notes.

You can grab the User Guide here. We also have example cases that you can explore for good ideas. And here is our FAQ section.

For a nice simple description of VP cases, with six simple steps for case writing, check out our ‘VP on VPs‘ here. Our CURIOS Video Mashup tool is very useful to inserting video snippets into OpenLabyrinth or other content presentations.

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  1. dtopps Post author

    You can also check out the Forums. There is a slowly accumulating set of tips, tricks and suggested fixes in there that may help.


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