Monthly Archives: September 2014

OpenLabyrinth has moved!

We have moved – as you can see, if you found your way here. Because of ongoing security issues at our previous hosting service, we have moved our web site on campus so that we have better control over the security.

I expect that there will be a few teething glitches while we get things configured.

I hope that from your perspective, you will see little change – just the same stream of updates and new about OpenLabyrinth and virtual patients in general.

BaSH security vulnerability

Alarming news going out on the web over the past 24 hrs about a web server vulnerability via the bash shell. (This will make sense to Linux geeks – to the rest of us, it just sounds worrying).

Good news for the OpenLabyrinth servers that we run (our demo, production servers) is that we have patched the operating system to close this security hole. We encourage other server admins who look after OpenLabyrinth servers to do the same – the patch is quite easy to install.

Just as a heads-up, some of our OpenLabyrinth servers will go down briefly over the next 24 hrs, when they are rebooted for optimum security. Let us know if you run into problems via info AT openlabyrinth DOT ca

Updated OLab User Guide

Aaah, it’s always the last thing to get done. At last, we have managed to make a significant update to the OpenLabyrinth User Guide, for the version 3.2 release.

You will find it at the same place on this site as before:

For a while, we tried to use Atlassian Confluence as a means to provide a collaborative editing and linkable platform but this did not work out too well. So we have gone back to using Microsoft Word and then converting to a linked, indexed, searchable PDF file.

Also along these lines, OpenLabyrinth v3.2 now does a better job of incorporating the master User Guide off the Help menu, and it is now much easier for sysadmins to keep the guide version current.