Monthly Archives: October 2013

OpenLabyrinth v3.1 released today

We just released a significant new version of OpenLabyrinth today. Version 3.1 is a significant advance on v3.0.2 and has a number of new features.  We have been running 3.1 on our demo servers for several weeks now with no crashes. You can get version 3.1 from:

v3.1 brings quite a few new features:

  • Scenarios: a way of grouping cases into a scheduled series of activities. (working towards integrating full scenario-based learning capabilities)
  • Forums: an integrated discussion forum, both for use with Scenarios and for other case discussions.
  • Rapid Reporting: for group use. You can generate rapid group comparisons of how various sections within a case were tackled. (Most useful when used along with Scenarios)
  • OAuth authentication: now you can login using your Google, Facebook etc ID.
  • Questions: several improvements to question types: sliders and drag/drop, as well as radio button/check box improvements.
  • Free text input: within Questions. You can now include simple rules to process free text with MATCH() etc.
  • Rules: several improvements from v3.0.2 about how conditional rules are parsed.

There are a few other fixes. As usual, the documentation is not as up to date but we’re working on it.