Example cases for OLab3

We have created a simple list/directory of example cases that can be played in OpenLabyrinth v3. This is not an all encompassing list of cases out there – there are hundreds! These examples show a variety of styles and learning designs.

Sorry about the long and horrible URL. We put them on Google Docs for now so that you can search for various criteria, parameters etc. At some point, we need a better way to show and describe these cases onĀ http://openlabyrinth.ca/ – but I want to make that list tied to underlying data so that we are not duplicating work etc.

Some of this will tie into what we are doing with mEducator2 semantic linking, but we still want a simpler way to linking such a table to underlying case metadata.

In part this also relates to some upcoming work, linking OLab3 to other systems such as Entrada, Moodle, Git wiki or Atlassian Confluence, through IMS-LTI and other mechanisms.