Monthly Archives: September 2013

Setting up your own OpenLabyrinth server

For serious use, it is best to have your tech guys set up an OpenLabyrinth server for you.

But many clinical teachers, who just want to try out the software and see what it does, do not have ready access to a tech team who will do this at a moment’s notice.

If you are a Mac user, it is not hard to set up your own OpenLabyrinth server that you can run on Mac OS X, at no cost at all. Download these instructions and simply follow the steps.

We do this using a free application called MAMP, which is also very easy to install.

The instructions show you how to install version 3.0.2 of OpenLabyrinth, our most stable version, which has all the main features of version 3.

For users on other operating systems, it is only a wee bit harder to get OpenLabyrinth running. For example, Windows users can use WAMP and Linux or Android users can use a standard LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) setup.

This wee server will be empty and have no cases that you can play with. We soon hope to provide you with an annoted list of OpenLabyrinth cases that you can download and import into your wee server.