Monthly Archives: February 2015

OpenLabyrinth v3.3.1 released

We had a couple of slightly glitchy releases of OpenLabyrinth in the last wee while. I am pleased to tell you that v3.3.1, just released on Github at is good and stable.

If you want maximum stability but don’t care about the latest features, v3.11, released a while ago is probably the most stable.

Thanks to all of you who continue to give us feedback and help us with testing new features and bug fixes.

OpenLabyrinth server migration

Over the past month, we have been migrating our two University of Calgary OpenLabyrinth servers from elderly Dell rack servers to brand new virtual servers on the UofC server farm. is our test and demonstration server and is used by many around the world as a test bed, prior to setting up their own server. It always has the latest version of the software on it. is our own UofC production server. It runs a more stable maintenance environment.

I’m pleased to say that the transition to the virtual server farm went well with minimal glitches. However, today, there seems to be a wee glitch on the vm server farm at UofC so the demo server (and a couple of other unrelated servers) are down for the moment. They should be up again in a few hours.