User Guide updated

There have been so many changes to OLab3. And, as usual, the documentation is woefully behind.

So I am very grateful to some authors from our SharcTOOTH project who have spent many hours in updating and reorganizing the User Guide.

The official guide for v3.1 of OpenLabyrinth is available from

This is always a work in progress – we aim to migrate it from its current state as a MS Word docx file to a wiki, using Atlassian Confluence. This will make it much easier to multiple authors to keep the guide updated, without worrying about version control etc.

While the guide is still being actively updated, the best place to grab the most recent (cluttered) version from is my Dropbox account:

If anybody has expertise with Confluence and would like to help us migrate this behemoth of a document, I’d love to hear from them. Email us at

info AT openlabyrinth DOT ca