Turk Talk in action

Tomorrow, we will be testing out our Turk Talk function in OpenLabyrinth for the first time in a live teaching session. A number of nursing students at the University of Calgary will be putting it through its paces.

There have been some nice usability improvements since our early designs and it is now pretty easy to use. Michelle Cullen and her team at the School of Nursing have done a great job in debugging the cases. We are looking forwards to a fun session.

Testing this week has gone well and our facilitators even seem to have had fun! We hope the students do tomorrow as well.

2 thoughts on “Turk Talk in action

  1. dtopps Post author

    Delighted to report that the session appeared to go really really well today. A simple concept and simple content combined to produce a really powerful learning effect. The students seemed really engaged – much more so than we expected. And lots of data to analyze to see how we can improve content, process, facilitator effectiveness, workflows etc.

    All in all, an excellent session. Watch this space

  2. dtopps Post author

    Our second session yesterday again seemed to go really well. Lots of student and teacher engagement. A quick look at the dialogs generated show these to be quality conversations where the learners are taking seriously this opportunity to practise therapeutic communication.

    Getting lots of feedback from teachers and learners which has allowed us to make some tiny little tweaks to further improve the process and experience, and most importantly, the learning that arises from this.

    Thanks to everyone for really putting Turk Talk through its paces.


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