OpenLabyrinth on WebBrain

I am a big fan of concept mapping tools and we have made strong use of them in our virtual patient projects. For personal learning, web research and idea integration, I often use a program called Personal Brain (or now ‘The Brain’).

This is not a cheap program but I find it very powerful and hugely useful. However, there is a free viewer called WebBrain. I sometimes find this quite a good way of illustrating a number of topics with a complex set of inter-relations.

So, I have created a WebBrain illustrating some of the stuff that is currently going on with OpenLabyrinth.

It appears a bit confusing at first but the beauty is that you can explore the various connections, seeing how various projects or areas of development are linked to each other. If this proves to be of interest to others in keeping tabs on what we are doing, I’ll update and enrich this concept map to show more about these areas interlink.