OpenLabyrinth bookmarks return

In OpenLabyrinth v2, there was a useful little feature where you could place a bookmark anywhere in a lengthy case and then return to that same point earlier. This feature had lain dormant in OpenLabyrinth v3 for some time but now, good news…

Bookmarks are back. If you click the [bookmark] button on the right side of a case node, you can leave a bookmark in the case, to which you can return later. And, as an enhancement over the old version, now any scores that you had accumulated to that point are now restored. If you take a look at the Session Report at the end of the case, your data and pathways from the two parts of the case are merged into a single session.

This will be particularly useful for our longer cases. Try it out and let us know what you think.

A few small things to note when using Bookmarks:

1. This only works for registered Users (the system has to know who you are to maintain continuity between such sessions).
2. When you click on the [bookmark] button, don’t expect any fancy bells & whistles to go off. OLab just quietly notes your current place.
3. To resume a bookmarked case, click on the menu Labyrinths | My Labyrinths and then scroll or search through that list. Any case where you left a Bookmark will have an orange [Resume] button, as well as the usual green [Play] button.
4. A User can only leave one bookmark per case but can leave bookmarks in as many cases as they like.
5. When you Resume a case from a bookmark, the bookmark is immediately cleared.

As a case author, if you want to prevent use of Bookmarks, simply remove the [bookmark] button from the Skin for that case.