Improved online help for OpenLabyrinth

We have introduced a simple but flexible online help system for using along with your OpenLabyrinth cases.

Building upon the work that we did before,  we are now delighted to find that the new version is much easier to work with.

Check out this example case, showing all sorts of different ways to provide help and other information within an OpenLabyrinth case:

In particular, take a look at this page:

This makes it very easy to incorporate into established OpenLabyrinth servers. But it also means that case authors can easily adapt it to create help files that are specific to their own cases.

The new approach makes it quite easy now to have …

1. authors can easily make custom help pages for their own cases

2. users can now edit the page and download it to save their changes. Note that these user-created annotations are not saved on the original file on the OpenLabyrinth server, so the case author’s carefully crafted help file is not affected.