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    You do not need any password at all to play ‘open’ cases on our OpenLabyrinth servers. Such cases have been made generally available to the public by their authors.

    But if you want to create cases of your own, you must have a login on an OpenLabyrinth server somewhere, and you must have Author status. While we are happy for people to set up their own OpenLabyrinth servers anywhere, for most users, this is too much hassle. Simply send us a request, using the ‘Free Trial’ link above, and we can set you up with an account on our demo server.

    If you forget your password, there is the usual forgot-my-password link on the main page so you can easily reset it. We encourage people to reset their passwords to something different from the default that we sent them.

    On our demo server, we have also provided other simple ways to create a user login. e.g. with a Google or Facebook or similar authentication service. Note that this is not the same as your standard OpenLabyrinth login. Changes made to one account will not affect the other. In fact, OpenLabyrinth does not know your Google/Facebook password at all – there is simply a trust mechanism set up between the systems. If you change your Google password, OpenLabyrinth does not know and does not care – the connection is still completed.

    We have also set up cross-authentication from some other systems, such as our Desire2Learn LMS at the University of Calgary. This means that for some courses that are administered through a D2L course, you can access the OpenLabyrinth materials using your D2L login, without having to remember a second password for OpenLabyrinth.

    Note that, with such authentication pass-through mechanisms, you are being handed off from the external system to OpenLabyrinth in a secure manner, without revealing your password to either system. But this is not the same as having a common password control system. If you make a change to your D2L password, you can still access your course materials on OpenLabyrinth the same way. And a change to your OpenLabyrinth account password also does not affect the authentication pass-through. It also does not change your password on D2L. This is not the same as, say, the CAS common authentication system used by the main UofC accounts, where a change on one system propagates to all your UofC email and my.ucalgary logins.

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