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    You can use the Visual Editor as a faster way to place your Links in a certain order. This is mentioned in the User Guide. Here is an updated document that describes how to do this a little better. You can download the DOCX file from here: http://openlabyrinth.ca/sections-and-ordered-links/

    You can still use the Link Editor to do this manually but that is rather cumbersome.

    We also created an example map which illustrates just how powerful this approach can be, with both fully ordered, and layered ordering of Links. Because this is rather a dense concept, we did not want to make this an open case and then scare off new users.

    You can download the zip package from http://openlabyrinth.ca/orderedlinksdemo_advanced_export/ and then import that MVP zip package into your own OpenLabyrinth server. You can then play with it as much as you want.

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