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    As part of the development plans as we move to OpenLabyrinth v4, we are currently working on a converter from OpenLabyrinth v3 cases → OLab4. This will be quicker to implement as a transitional measure, while we take the time needed to design a good authoring interface.


    There are a number of items in the OLab3 spec and format which see very little use and will be deprecated in OLab4.


    • Clusters
      • These were a superset of Elements and were a holdover from OLab2.
      • We are not aware of any projects currently using them.
    • Elements
      • The only type of Element now being used are simple ‘narrative text’.
      • This effectively means that they act like simple substitution text constants.
      • They will be replaced by Constants.
      • The converter will include this change.
    • Chats
      • An interactive object, with an odd name.
      • They are not at all related to the text-based chat approach that we use in Turk Talk.
      • Being changed to a Question sub-type
      • The converter will include this change.
    • Skins
      • Change to templates and themes
      • CSS style sheets will work in a more standard way
      • Previous custom Skins will not be converted.
    • Sets
      • These were a partially implemented superset of Maps.
      • Not being used.
      • Will no longer be supported.
    • Changes to Global files, avatars, questions
      • The scope of many objects will change so the partially implemented Global Files, Global Avatars and Global Questions will not be converted.
      • There was no significant use of these to date because of the odd way in which they were implemented.
      • Scope of an object can now be set to node-level, map-level or scenario-level in OLab4
      • The default for the converter will be to map-level, which is the equivalent to current OLab3 functionality
    • Links & Counters
      • These will function as previously
      • The converter will attempt to adapt these automatically
      • Link buttons and Counters can be placed anywhere on the page in OLab4
      • Default placement will be at the bottom of the Node/page, as is most commonly seen in OLab3 cases.
      • Skins will not be taken into account for those maps where object placement is non-standard.
    • Counter Displays
      • These are not likely to be supported in OLab4
      • They might be considered as a micro-service add-in


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