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    Over the past year, we have added a number of interesting new features and capabilities to OpenLabyrinth.

    The one we are most proud of is Turk Talk. This is a powerful new way of introducing a human-computer hybrid element into OLab, providing a simple approach to natural language processing.

    Turk Talk is more fully described in this article in PeerJ, with a linked detailed description of how to use its various functions that is embedded in this example OLab VP case.

    Tech Support

    Another new feature that we are quite proud of, but which will be largely invisible to most users, is IMS-LTI integration. This allows for seamless authentication (single sign-on) between OpenLabyrinth and other platforms such as Moodle or Desire2Learn.

    Contact us in Support if you want to learn more about this.


    In the ‘coming soon’ category, we include ADL’s Experience API. This is now implemented in a very basic form but we will soon be able to tell you how to make use of this activity tracking set of metrics in your LRS.


    We are delighted to say the OpenLabyrinth can now generate xAPI statements and send them to an LRS. We are currently using a GrassBlade LRS because it is nice and simple to work with.

    But we have also been successful in sending statements to the SCORM Cloud LRS, hosted by Rustici.

    Statements can be sent in real-time. We caution authors against over-use of this because we are not sure how well our poor little server will handle the load for a really complex case.

    What is interesting is that we can also generate a post-hoc report after a case is played. Because OpenLabyrinth stores quite detailed activity metrics in its own internal database, it is possible to generate xAPI statements on older cases that were played well before this xAPI functionality was developed. A veritable time machine!

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    Good news, folks. Our dev team has rolled out an update to our Turk Talk feature. Lots of small improvements:

    • Enter key sends the message
    • Color bars show who is waiting longest
    • Ping with ding – nudge for attention
    • Improved shortcut keys

    These small changes, which you can try out on our demo server, make life much easier, especially for facilitators. It’s now quite a powerful and flexible addition to OpenLabyrinth’s functions.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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