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    We recently received the following comment that the way that our Node titles provide the label for the Link leading to it can create problems.

    The other issue is the Path Visualisation in Sessions. We tried to use path visualisation with our students, but it really did not work the way it should. The problem is that it uses node titles for display in the map, but the titles do not always correspond to what the node really is.

    For example, the node title says: ‘Perform lumbar puncture’, but after students choose this option, the patient dies. Or the title says ‘Perform CT scan’, but the node says that CT could not be performed and shows you x-rays. When you later review the path visualisation the titles are misleading. It would be much better to have alternative version of node titles that will show in the map. In our example, it could be ‘Lumbar puncture performed, patient dies’ and ‘CT scan ordered, but x-rays performed’. Is it possible to add additional field to node description and show it instead in the Path Visualisation?

    Yes, it does get confusing at times. This is a bit typical of OpenLabyrinth in several ways. It is very powerful in that you can change how Links and Node titles work with each other in several ways. But making things look “right” for an early author does get confusing.

    We have constructed a set of advanced tips on how to get the best out of Links and labels at

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