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    On our OpenLabyrinth demo server, we have installed a set of widgets from H5P.org — these are simple HTML5 widgets that scenario authors can use to make their pages more interactive. There are many types of pre-defined widgets, which nicely complement the existing QUestion types that we have in OpenLabyrinth.

    Once you have defined a widget, you drop its associated shortcode into the Node or page of your choice, just like you would with a [[QU:nn]] shortcode. H5P widgets can be reused across many cases. They can also be exported and used on other H5P compatible web sites. For example, we also have H5P widgets in our WordPress site here.

    Some H5P widgets are also xAPI aware and will send simple statements to the LRS of your choice, provided that H5P has been properly set up in that server. This is not hard to do but requires site admin privileges, not just author privileges.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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