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    In OpenLabyrinth QUestions, we have a Slider type which can be very useful. It can also be a bit more finicky to set up than most QUestion types so here are a few tips.

    1. The user must move the slider in order to record a score. If they accept the default value and do not touch the slider, then OpenLabyrinth thinks that the Slider question has been ignored. This is a “feature” of web browsers and a bit of a pain. There are two workarounds: (1) warn your users that they must move the slider to record a score – if they like the default value then they must move the slider off that value and back onto it; (2) choose a default value that nobody will like – this will prompt them to move the slider.
    2. There are various styles of sliders. We encourage authors to play with these styles to suit their tastes. They can be horizontal or vertical, although vertical tends to take a lot of screen real estate.
    3. You can assign the score to a Counter. If you do not do this, OpenLabyrinth will still record the slider position and report that. If you do assign the score to a Counter, there is a two-stage process in the QUestion editing. You decide the range of values that the slider will display e.g. 0-100. But you then assign ranges of slider scores to a value set for the Counter. By default, this is -10 to +10. You can make your score ranges asymmetric but do not overlap them.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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