Example cases for OpenLabyrinth

Extending on the last post, we are gradually making available more and more example cases to show what can be done with OpenLabyrinth.

Because these cases are to be found on many different servers, we have been looking for a way to link to these, along with enough metadata about the cases so that you can find what you need. For the moment, we have decided just to use a simple Google Docs spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmgSucgM9Y3NdGdZMFFteGdJN1RDUkhXRTdVbllON0E&usp=sharing

Sorry about the messy long link.

On that sheet, you will find direct links to the cases so you can play them. For many of them, there is also a link to Medbiq format zip file so you can download the case for use on your own OpenLabyrinth server.