WAVES xAPI demonstrator cases

This scenario is part of the EU Project, Widening Access to Virtual Educational Scenarios (WAVES).

Part of this project examines how we can use the Experience API (aka Tin Can or xAPI) to track learning activity streams across multiple platforms.

After some introductory comments, we will lead you to a case about chest pain. The ‘Mr Angermeier’ case was originally developed as part of the eViP project. It has been adapted for the WAVES Project.

If you have a WAVES account ID, we would be grateful if you would login to this web site, using that ID and restart this page. This will enable better tracking of your activities across the multiple platforms engaged.

First, we would like to introduce you to the concept of Scenario-Based Learning Design. In the WAVES project, we use the term ‘scenarios’ to broaden the concept of cases away from that of the purely medical: a lot of our cases were virtual patients, but scenarios can just as easily relate to other situations that are not at all clinical.

For some general background on Virtual Scenarios, check outĀ  ourĀ Virtual Scenarios overview. In OpenLabyrinth, we have used the term ‘Scenarios’ to refer to a more specific learning object, but in the context of the WAVES project, we are using ‘scenarios’ in their broadest sense.