Virtu-WIL Feedback template

This can be used as a template for formatting what goes into the 
General Feedback field for each case in the Virtu-WIL project. You can edit WYSIWYG 
and then copy the HTML to the field. The completion certificate mentioned below is just
an example of what you can include.

Thanks for taking part in our Virtu-WIL cases.

General feedback – this should always appear in the Session report.
You can print out this report, using your web browser’s File | Print… menu command. You may only want to print the second page as the others are less helpful.
This session report can be retrieved again with this link:

The window.location.href

This feedback page is less useful than we would like. The Session Report and feedback form is a work in progress in OpenLabyrinth. If there are particular aspects of the case you have just played that you would like feedback on, please let us know. This will help to improve this component of OpenLabyrinth.
Email suggestions to

We hope that in playing this case, you have found plenty of feedback and information about this topic. The material in this case will be discussed further during your followup sessions in this course.

Click here for your completion certificate.

If you are interested in learning more about this project, visit our project page.