Turk Talk Help Page

Puzzled about using Turk Talk in OpenLabyrinth?

Turk Talk input

Remember to insert your text in the lower part of the panel (shown here by the wee red arrow), and not in the upper part where the ongoing conversation appears.  You will see responses from the Turker appear in that upper section.

Simply press Enter to send your text. (Multi-line text entry can be achieved by pressing Shift-Enter to insert a line break.)

While the Turker may be able to send links and images to you, you cannot do the same.

Turk Talk alert

We try to use this graphic to alert you that a Turk Talk conversation is expected here.

Remember that the Turker is sometimes handling many learners at once so be patient. In can take a minute or two for them to get back to you. You can send additional messages while you are waiting – but be aware that this does not speed up their response.

Do not assume that a Turker is present and available. We only arrange this for specific teaching sessions, not for general use.

There is usually a by-pass option available, if the Turker is unavailable, or if you get tired of waiting.