TiddlyWiki for simple inline help

Looking for a way to create a simple inline help system to go along with your cases? TiddlyWiki is a lovely little tool for this. It comes as a single HTML file, with a bunch of embedded Javascript, that can be attached to a case in the Files section.

The clever part is that the author can very easily edit this file for their own purposes. If the file is embedded in an InfoButton section of a Node, the user can leave this guide open in a side window without interfering in the normal play of the case.

You can also allow the user to download a copy of this file, which then becomes an editable set of notes that the user can edit themselves. This is a neat way to provide localization of help files and resources. We used just such an approach in our Street Drug Guide that we created for Norlien.

We have created an example case, ‘Built-in Help‘, where you can see this in action as well.

To help get you started in creating your own TiddlyWiki help files, you can download these TiddlyWiki example files and start editing them on your own machine:

The pages within such a TiddlyWiki file also have their own Permalinks. This means that you can jump to specific pages within the help file, directly from the OpenLabyrinth page. For more information on how to do this, consult the TiddlyWiki home page.