Test GrassBlade xAPI content viewer

I think that all you need to do now is to insert the shortcode that was generated by the xAPI Content page.

Note that it only works when you use the shortcode or wikiref style of referencing

View xAPI output — nope, that link does not work. But when I view the xAPI Content page directly, I can see the xAPI statements generated when the user views the H5P slidedeck today. So at least that part is working.

I can add a second xAPI Content page. This one should open the ‘One Size Fits All’ H5P widget.

http://openlabyrinth.ca/gb_xapi_content/one-size-fits-all-xapi-content-page/ – or maybe I need to use the shortcode for that page. Yes, you do… see below.

Let’s see if both methods work. No, only the shortcode methods work.

Now let’s try some stuff that is not H5P widget based. e.g. a YouTube video – our PocketSnips on PocketSnips – just the plain YouTube video, not via H5P.

We can also play Vimeo videos in the same way: our Bear’s Burr Hole intro.

Did that all work? Yes, it does. The activity metrics on these videos seems limited to progression through quartiles. Does not show when a video is completed.

Your Results:

The above is to an OLab3 case, Kendal Sweetman. Not sure what is tracked here because OLab3 does not output xAPI statements… yet.