Signal Detection Theory data for Roulette cases

Based on the work of Thompson et al on Signal Detection Theory [1], we have been exploring this approach for analyzing our data from our Rushing Roulette series of cases.

Receiver-Operator Curves (ROCs) are a useful technique for analyzing these data but appropriate application is highly dependent on valid criteria for whether a factor can be considered Signal or Noise.

The data being analyzed in creating these ROCs will be published here when available. Currently, there are some concerns regarding protection of data confidentiality being raised. Once these concerns are addressed, this data will be made available once again.

These data tables will also be made available on DSpace at the University of Calgary.

[1]┬áThompson C, Dalgleish L, Bucknall T, Estabrooks C, Hutchinson AM, Fraser K, de Vos R, Binnekade J, Barrett G, Saunders J. The effects of time pressure and experience on nurses’ risk assessment decisions: a signal detection analysis. Nursing research. 2008 Sep 1;57(5):302-11.