Learning about Procedures

Clinical procedures, not teaching procedures…well, teaching about procedures… not procedures about teaching… you get what I mean!

Main Points:

  1. See one, do one, teach one

  2. Lots of stuff on YouTube – mostly crap

  3. Principles of Curios video mashups – https://www.researchgate.net/publication/281998513_CURIOS_video_mashups and http://demo.openlabyrinth.ca/renderLabyrinth/go/565/16132 –

  4. Using the best tool/combo – mashups and blending (Kneebone, HSVO)

  5. Learning from our mistakes – the blooper reel  – http://demo.openlabyrinth.ca/renderLabyrinth/index/655 (from student workshop

  6. Variations in technique – watching other teachers 

  7. Curating the best tips —>  now Teaching Tips on Evernote

  8. Hands in pockets – 0,1,2 (scaffolding)

  9. Not just the procedure – all the ancillary/breadbasket stuff

  10. Follow up – learn from your patients: stories and photos 

  11. Analytics of what was used — Topps et al in Acad Med and now BIG DATA with xAPI

Many of the videos from that project can now be viewed on our Clinisnips channel on YouTube.