CURIOS: gyne procedures

This is for our CURIOS webinar on April 13th – see — official registration for this webinar is at

We are exploring new ways to better track how people participate and interact in these webinars. We hope that this will lead to a higher level, evidence-informed approach to gaining CME credits. If you are interested in helping us to improve this program and want to sign-up for CURIOS credits?:

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Prior to the webinar, we would like to know a wee bit more about your current practice. We also have a couple of short cases for you to try. You’ll get more out of Wednesday’s webinar if you do.

Endometrial Biopsies

Try out the case here — CURIOS: Mary2 on our OpenLabyrinth server

Vulvar Biopsies

Try out the case here — CURIOS: Mona on our OpenLabyrinth server

Cervical Biopsies

Try out the case here — CURIOS: Ilsa on our OpenLabyrinth server