Agile Writing in Medical Education

In clinical research, there is oodles of money in competitive grants that support projects at all levels. But in medical education scholarship, none of the major granting organizations in Canada consider this part of their mandate. The Tri-Council has chosen to look the other way.

Despite this,┬ámedical education scholarship remains active in Canada. We punch above our weight. However, to continue this analogy, to avoid being hit, we need to remain nimble and agile. Hence the growing interest in Agile Writing – how to efficiently publish and disseminate all the activity in this field.

We are currently working on the co-creation of an article on the Agile Writing process. You can check out early drafts here. We hope to publish this soon, but that will not be the end of it. This will be an agile and evolving document. If you want to get involved, contact us:

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